30 Things: Food and Fellowship

It’s Thanksgiving Day…bring on the turkey!

If you are making the big meal this year, be sure to take the giblets bag out of the turkey BEFORE you cook it. That’s my little public service announcement, speaking from personal (and embarrassing) experience. So, there’s that.

May you have a blessed day.

Thirty Things: 30 Days of Gratitude | If you missed the FREE gratitude checklist and quote, you can download it here.

30 Things: Grace


Thanksgiving is on Thursday (like you don’t know that). All across America we will be sitting down around a dinner table with family and friends. We be sharing in food and fellowship. We will be sharing what we are grateful for. And, we will be saying grace before we dig into good food.

I came across this poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson a few weeks ago. I thought, wouldn’t this make a wonderful prayer of thanksgiving?

Do you have a traditional prayer you say before Thanksgiving dinner, or do you make it up on the fly?

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LOOKING AHEAD TO ADVENT | Okay, the season of Advent starts on Monday. Check out the newest Bible study by Lara Williams entitled, then came Jesus. I ordered mine last week and can’t wait to start.

“This 4-week study guide is one thing we can do, alone or with our family, to purposefully remember Jesus. It’s a few minutes set-aside each day to reflect on Him. A time to press deeper into our God so that when December 25th rolls around we won’t regret; we’ll rejoice. Because we’ve walked into the season hand-in-hand with Jesus.” (excerpts from the introduction of “then came Jesus”)

30 Things…Joy in Enough

All month we have practiced intentional gratitude, and then this happens…

The text came to me while I was at the office. She was frantic. Her most wanted thing of the season was on sale online…today only!

My tween insisted it was “an emergency.”

Yep, she actually thought buying an item on sale was an emergency. Sigh.

The one thing our kids don’t need is more stuff. Stuff feels good in the moment, call it shoppers high, but when that high wears off, you’re just left with more stuff.

More stuff doesn’t equal happy; it equals a hoarder.

To all moms and dads out there who are going to be bombarded with the “I want, I want, I want” this holiday season. I give you permission to Stop.It.Now.

Joy in Enough

FIND THE JOY IN ENOUGH. Cultivating an attitude of gratitude in our kids can be more easily said than done, sometimes. But, with practice and consistency, the “I want” can be tamed to a reasonable level.

  • Make kids earn things they really want. I have never been big on chore charts and allowance. Our kids have always been responsible for cleaning up their rooms and their messes, but they don’t get paid for that. They take turns feeding the dogs and doing the dishes every night, which they receive allowance for. If they really, really want that thing that is a want, not a need, then they save their money. Period. They can also earn extra money by doing extra chores, like raking leaves, picking up dog poop in the yard, or cleaning the bathrooms.
  • Regularly practice gratitude. It takes practice to be thankful. A lot of adults I know have yet to master an attitude of gratitude, so why would I expect my kids to be born with that trait? Practice year around, not just in November and December.
  • Be a role model for gratitude. If you are always buying things you don’t need, or can’t afford, then that is the behavior you are modeling. Instead, be a model of gratitude in all things. Enough said.
  • Explain economics. Kids don’t need to know the balance in our checking account, the price of our mortgage, or even how much our paycheck is, but explain that bills get paid first. And, as an adult, there are a lot of bills. This knowledge will only help them in the future when they are living on their own…paying their own bills.
  • What is the value of that want? Kids think they have to have something, then play with it once. We’ve all been there. Kids don’t need more stuff, they need more of our time. They need more of our attention. They need more of us. There is value in that. Because, our love doesn’t cost a thing. That is the most valuable gift we can give our kids…and it lasts a lifetime.

How do you cultivate an attitude of gratitude in your home?

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Just Gratitude


If you missed the FREE gratitude checklist and quote, you can download it here. It’s not too late to play along!

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Be a Small Seed | Operation Christmas Child at Samaritan’s Purse is November 17-24! The mission of OCC is “…to demonstrate God’s love in a tangible way to needy children around the world, and together with the local church worldwide, to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.” And isn’t that what the season is really about? We are packing our shoe boxes this weekend.

30 Things | Gratitude Round Up


So, how is your November? I have been reading on Facebook that many of you are writing 30 days of gratitude. And, that is an awesome thing! This month is flying by, holiday TV ads are in full force, and even as I say that I know that it’s not true…they will bombard us with “best sale of the season” before the left-over turkey is eaten. Target, I am talking to you!

So, I am savoring this month. I am pausing and enjoying just being thankful. I am counting my 30 Things with an open heart. I am basking in the glow of gratitude. Too much?

ONE THING RECEIVED | An anonymous donor pushed my Small Seed Bibles for Asia over the goal. God is good! This completely unexpected gift made me do a happy dance. No, really, I danced. Thank you, whoever you are. Oh, and let’s do it again…the Campaign is still open to bring the Good News to those who need it most.

ONE THING OF MY CHOICE | Watching Parker take pictures with my phone. She took that picture of the stone path above. She took about eight photos of that stone path! Watching her delight in the the art of that under her feet…priceless.

ONE THING WHEN I LOOKED UP | The clouds when I came out of IKEA last week.

ONE THING THAT MADE YOU SMILE | I made myself a little dedicated working nook. Finally, no more spreading out all my crap on the sofa or the dining room table.

ONE THING FOUND IN THE MORNING LIGHT | The Chihuly exhibit at the Denver Botanic Gardens. Denver is very artist-friendly. Art makes me happy.

ONE THING IN YOUR KID | I love Parker’s sense of style. Seriously. She is so whimsical.


ONE THING CRAFTED | A new quilted Christmas wall hanging.

Tell me…what have you given thanks in this month?

Thirty Things: 30 Days of Gratitude | If you missed the FREE gratitude checklist and quote, you can download it here. It’s not too late to play along!

30 Things: Gratitude for My Body

I see the magazines working that Photoshop
We know that sh** ain’t real
Come on now, make it stop
If you got beauty beauty just raise ‘em up
‘Cause every inch of you is perfect
From the bottom to the top”
~Meghan Trainer, “All About That Bass”

Only human beings would take something beautiful that God made (Genesis 1:17) and try to make it more beautiful in our own eyes.

Today, so many women don’t feel comfortable in their own body because society tells them they are not good enough, skinny enough, or pretty enough. It’s time to stop. Those glossy photos in the magazines aren’t real. Real women don’t look like that. Even the models don’t look like that. It’s an illusion. It’s a lie.

“Yeah, it’s clear, I ain’t no size two.” Meghan Trainer

Nope. I am not. My body, even though I don’t measure up to the body image of society, was created by a loving artist, the master creator. For that, I am grateful.

Embrace your body with muffin top and all. Make a priority to make healthy choices, but love yourself where you are right now. Don’t wait to love yourself when you are that magic size.

Your body was wonderfully and lovely made. (Isaiah 64:8) Show gratitude for that. Celebrate it.

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Thirty Things: 30 Days of Gratitude | If you missed the FREE gratitude checklist and quote, you can download it here. It’s not too late to play along!

30 Things | 30 Days of Gratitude: Friendship Lost


30 THINGS: ONE THING ORANGE. THE ORANGE SCARF | Okay, this scarf is more coral than orange..sometimes it looks a little pink, like here, but definitely it is in the orange family.

I love this scarf because it is “my” color.

I love it because of who gave it to me.

Every time I wear this scarf I remember my late friend (and co-worker), Kari. She was one of the most generous, caring people I have known. I was blessed, and grateful to have known her, laughed with her, and had the pleasure to work with her.

And, every time I see a stray dog running around our neighborhood, I can hear her voice telling me to pick it up and give it a home. Because that is what she always did. Her last 3 dogs where strays, Pickle, Cyan, and Tripp.

I cannot even imagine where I would be today were it not for that handful of friends who have given me a heart full of joy. Let’s face it, friends make life a lot more fun.”
Charles R. Swindoll

I have lost many friends and family members in the last six years. Our family was touched by 8 deaths in one year! That was a tough year.

These loving souls went home, taking their friendship with them, but left a lasting impression. These people have touched my life, probably more than they knew. For their friendship, although missed dearly, I am grateful for the short time I had with them. I am grateful for friendship.

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