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snow day


Today is a snow day.
11 inches and counting.
The girls think it is fun.
Me, not so much.
I am quickly going out of my mind.
7 year old attitude started at 6:45 am.
That’s A.M. people!
It’s only noon.
Lord help me, give me calm.

Picture taken on the way up to Mt. Evans.

the importance of teaching kids about stranger-danger

In light of the story that has made national headlines of Somer Thompson, who was abducted while walking home from school in Florida and killed, I need to revisit with my own children the importance of “stranger-danger”. I don’t believe talking to your child a few times is enough, but I realize I have fallen into the we’ve-talked-about-it-when-she-was-4-years-old-so-she-knows-what-to-do-so-she’ll-be-safe trap. I know I am not alone. I am in no way judging Somer’s mother. I don’t know what she may, or may not have taught her child about stranger-danger. I can only assume that she did talk to her daughter but this monster found some way to get to her baby. She allowed her child to do what all of us should be able to do: let her child walk home from school. Somer even walked home with a group of other kids. One newspaper report I have read is that she got angry at the group, for whatever reason, and ran ahead of them. That was when she was abducted. I have a 7 year old girl and she is moody as hell. I can totally see my daughter doing this exact same thing.

My heart hurts for the Thompson family. I would be out of my mind if a monster took my 7 year old daughter, did God knows what to her, killed her, then dumped her body in a landfill like yesterday’s trash. What Somer’s mother may, or may not have taught her daughter about strangers is irrelevant. Somer is not at fault. Her mother is not at fault. The monster that perpetrated this heinous crime is at fault!

Some parenting blogs have went on the attack criticizing parenting style. Mommy against mommy blogging I call it. When will we realize we are all on the same side? We all want our children to be safe. We just all do it differently. Some have even gone as far as to compare the danger of getting into a car crash to the danger of abduction killings. That is like comparing apples to oranges. One is an accident, the other is called murder.

The important thing to remember is to talk to your kids about stranger-danger. Never ever stop. So, I have pulled out my copy of “The Safe Side” DVD and will be watching it with the girls again. So we can talk and ask questions.

safe side The video is called The Safe Side and it is produced by John Walsh (host of America’s Most Wanted and Julie Clark, the creator of Baby Einstein.) Host Safe Side Superchick walks children through “hot tips to keep cool kids safe with people they don’t know and kinda know”. Kids will laugh as Superchick finds herself in a series of hilarious spoofs.

It’s never too late to have this very important conversation with your child. Do it today!

kids who inspire

I want to share this story I read in The Denver Post yesterday:

It’s a story of a little girl, 7 years old, who had endured painful chemotherapy for the treatment of a brain tumor. Allison Winn, a Colorado resident, had surgery and then treatment for 2 years. She is now 9 years old. During her treatment one of the things that gave her strength was her dog named Coco. This spring, when she was feeling better, she decided that if Coco could help her through this tough time in her life, maybe a dog could do the same for another sick kid.

CD21SERVICE DOG_CM So, this summer she set out to raise money by selling homemade dog biscuits at a lemonade stand and outside businesses. She raised enough money to buy 3 dogs which she donated to other cancer-stricken children. She gets the trained dogs from the Colorado Dept. of Corrections’ correctional industry program.

Wow! She is only 9 years old and she is already making someone’s world better! What an amazing girl. (That is her is the green and pink and the little girl in white is the lucky recipient of a new dog.)

You can read the entire story at: http://www.denverpost.com/frontpage/ci_13605816

summer reading list

Annie choiHappy Birthday or Whatever by Annie Choi.

This book is just laugh out loud funny! Annie Choi tells a hilarious story of relationships, family and Korean traditions. The mother-daughter relationship between Annie, an American-born girl, and her mother, a Korean immigrant living in American, is not unlike most mother-daughter relationships with hard-to-met expectations and teenage rebellion. But Annie tells it with biting humor. Annie’s mom has a quick wit and wicked tongue and I found myself laughing. Out loud. Strangers gave me strange looks.

Annie’s recount of her choosing to become a vegetarian in a Korean household was not so much about being kind to animals but more about pissing off her Mother. I too did the same thing as a teenager. However, Annie had much more resolve. I grew tired of the nagging and gave in and ate the damn meat already.

Ultimately this book is about heartwarming relationships between family members, even if they are all Crazy with a capital C. It is a light, funny, enjoyable adventure through someone elses life.

stupid things women say

This one involves Roman Polanski. He was and is still accused of raping a then 13 year old girl. After he plead guilty and waived his right to a trail he fled the country 32 years ago. He is now being extradited from Europe to the US. The View host Whoopi Goldberg had this to say of Polanski and the situation:

“I’m sure it wasn’t rape-rape.”

I am not sure I know what rape-rape really means. Do you? I do know an adult feeding a child drugs and alcohol and then forcing sex on that child is rape.

Rape is a crime of violence and control. I know that a rapist not always a masked man who grabs a women off the street, drags her into the bushes and rapes her in the cover of darkness. I know it’s not what the women is wearing that invites the rape to happen. I know that no woman is “asking for it”. I know that sometimes the rapist is in the position of an authority figure, such as clergy, baseball coach, teacher, parent, and even film director. In this case the rapist used his power over another and raped A CHILD THAT IS ONLY 13 YEARS OLD!


First attempt at ice skating for Parker.
She didn’t like it much.
She said, “It’s slippery.”
I held her up the 1 time around the rink.
Then she was finished.
“It’s cold.”


But she sure looks cute in her skates!
Maybe next year.


First small jumps.
Alex trying a new little jump on the ice.
Basic 6.
Summer vacation off the ice equals a little rusty on the ice.


Working on the Lunge.
Just learned it.
Needs some work.


First snow of the season.
Trace accumulation.
Fushias are done for the season.

birthday party for under $60

The Challenge: Plan a birthday party, including food and decorations, for under $60. That’s right people!

KaiLan storyboard

Theme: Ni Hao! Kai-Lan
Guest List: 11 adults, 9 kids
Color Scheme: red, yellow, light blue, black accent

I love planning parties but hate the cost of them. So this year I set a very small budget of $60, made all the decorations and food to save money. By making the decorations myself that I found on nickjr.com, I saved there too.

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