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Making Your Dreams Come True

Making your dreams come true | Have Faith Everyday

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There is this woman I know who has a big dream. Her dream is to turn her small home business into a big home business.

She operates a lovely spa in her home. One with sweet smelling lotions, waxes for removing unwanted hair, facial creams and a massage table. She dreams of taking over her basement and creating a wellness center. A place where one can go to relax, research wellness options, take an aromatherapy class, get a facial to make you glow from the inside out, and get a massage that will melt your to-do list right into the ground.

Recently, after a session of her pouring hot wax on my eyebrows, then ripping it off, she talked about dreams and the idea of speaking them out loud. Because speaking your dream out loud is a statement. It’s a declaration of that dream. You are putting your dream out there and seeing what returns. If you keep your dream inside…well, nobody knows you have that dream.

As a mom I can attest that I have been preoccupied with “mom-wife-woman-duties”.

Ladies, it’s our “job” to take care of the kids, the dogs, the house, and grocery shopping. We are Sherpa of kid’s things and husband’s things, child raising CEO, taxi driver, chef-in-training, runner of errands, master of the bed-time story...I ask is there room in there for a nap?

After we hunker down and get the job done, what’s left? Certainly not OUR dreams…



For Your Weekend | Unplug, Reconnect

Unplug day

Get your Unplug sign here

March 7-8 is National Day of Unplugging |  Most of us have our iPhone/SmartPhone attached to our hand like an extra appendage (guilty as charged). But get this: For 24 hours pledge to turn off your devices (gasp!). Devices like your beloved iPad and iPod, TV, computer, ignore your text messages and emails, put down your game station controller…you get the idea. Unplug to reconnect with real live humans! Do something other than plugging in, looking at a screen. If it’s nice outside (which it isn’t here and I envy you) take a walk and get some fresh air. My kids love to play the card game Uno, so maybe we’ll play several rounds until one of them cries because she lost…again. Then, we’ll watch a movie. Do something F-U-N with the ones you love! Okay, some of you are working today and not using the Internet or your cell phone just isn’t realistic. I get it. The point is to unplug when you can. Unplug this evening when you get home from work, or unplug on Saturday. Plug into your family, plug into life.


Showing Grace to the Annoying People

People are hard to love.

You know it’s true.

People can be annoying. They can be mean. They can be thoughtless or/and uncaring. They are so self-centered. They cut you off in rush hour traffic, or ding your car door in the Target parking lot…and don’t. leave. a note. And some people just “rub us the wrong way”.

These are the annoying, everyday interactions with people who get in the way of our good mornings setting our mood in the wrong direction.

2 Timothy 2 tells us:

2 timothy 2
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What is grace exactly, and how do we apply it in everyday?

Put simply: God’s Riches At Christ Expense = GRACE (or God giving us what we don’t deserve).

Grace synonyms: (good) manners, politeness, respect, courtesy, decency.

And, how in the heck am I supposed to show them grace when they can be, well, so annoying?


It’s Going to be Okay Because…It’s Normal.

Its going to be okay

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When my oldest daughter was just a new born baby, I was a first time mom mess. I poured over baby development books, researched feeding, diapering, educational music and child safety on the internet.

I was worried that she wasn’t eating enough. That she wasn’t sleeping enough, or too much. I wanted to know why she was crying all…the…time. I looked for answers in those books, websites and to other mothers.

I asked, “Is this normal?”

I continued to be one big pinned up ball of new mom nerves, all the while praying nobody found out I wasn’t “normal”. Or, found out my baby wasn’t either. I even dreaded the baby doctor visits because she might label us “not normal”.

I was a first time mom hot mess. That was until one day when my hubby got into a big fat fight with a been-there-done-that-mom-of-four. They fought over feeding our child peanut butter. It got ugly over peanut butter!

I learned a very valuable lesson that day. No matter what the parenting books, other parents, or your mother says…

There is more than one normal.


Valentine Bunnies

Another thing I learned in January was that I don’t like to sew studded animals… But the girls just “had to” sew these cute little bunnies. Yeah, they’re cute; and if there wasn’t hand stitching involved, I might have liked it better. Anybody with me?

SONY DSC sew bunny stuffed animalsThe pattern is from the book “Sew Fun” by Deborah Fisher. I got it for Christmas from Parker. She bought it mostly because the front cover features stuffed animals…and she is obsessed with those things!


Fun Questions to ask Kids

I am the mother of a 12-year-old. Lord help me. No, seriously. Help me.

I was just telling hubby the other day how Alexandra hasn’t had a melt-down in awhile. It’s been all Parker, who is 7.

I spoke too soon. As always. When I was 12 did my mood swings make my Mom’s head spin too?

Alex CollageIn a brief moment that she was in a easy-going mood, she answered this little questionnaire about being 12:


50 Creative Date Night Ideas for Your Marriage

I remember when my husband and I first started dating. We were so infatuated with one another. We wanted to fulfill each other’s needs. We listened to one another. We spent a lot of time together connecting. But after 18 years of marriage, kids, careers, and basically, life, it has gotten harder to find time to connect.

Somewhere along the way there was a disconnect.

Disconnected from each other. Disconnected from intimacy. Disconnected from love.

In the book “The 5 Love Languages – The Secret to Love That Lasts”, author Gary Chapman explains the distinct language we use to express love to one another.

He boils it down to these 5 love languages: Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Gifts, Acts of Service, and Physical Touch. Although I think we both fall into more than one of these categories, there is one overwhelming category for each of us.

My love language is Quality Time. He says his love language is Quality Time and Physical Touch. (FYI hubby… quality time leads to physical touch.)

Once we understand the love language of ourselves, and our spouse, we hold the key to love that doesn’t fade way.

Do you feel disconnected from your spouse? Want to put some spark back into your marriage? The first step is spending time with one another. The way you did when you were dating…before life got in the way.

In honor of February, the official LOVE MONTH, here are 50 creative date night ideas to put that sweet love back in your marriage.

Date Night Ideas for Married Couples


What I’ve Learned This Month

What I learnedWe are now a month into 2014…How’s your New Year’s One Little Word (or resolution) going? Staying on track or falling off track?

My OLW is LEAP. I have learned in order to reach any great goal one must have a plan (or two). Focus is a must to keep on track. To LEAP I must spend:

  • Time in Scripture
  • Time in Creating
  • Time in Writing
  • Time in Community

When self-hosting your own blog there is a major learning curve! I want to take a moment to apologize to my loyal Subscribers. You have received in your email box, a post twice and a really old post. I consider myself somewhat tech savvy, but this web stuff (i.e. learning HTML) is not my specialty. Please bare with me as I get it together and learn this new system! Thank you so much for your continued reading and comments.

  • If you are thinking about self-hosting your own blog, start here.
  • Then go here.
  • Read everything you can on the subject. People will tell you it’s “so easy” but really, knowledge is power.

To live a creative life we must lose our fear of being wrong.
♥ Joseph Chilhon Pearce

So, what have you been learning this month? Are you learning something about yourself and your OLW?

* * * * *

At the parkTaking the dogs to the park is an exercise in patience. But I already knew that.

Everyday Lens

Instagram photosPOSTED ON INSTAGRAM | rocco napping on the back of the couch / my home office and creative staff / can you say super bowl (go broncos) / back at the ice rink / morning coffee and the sunrise / crafting suncatchers (do you remember making those?)

FACETIMEOh, how times have changed | Today kids Face Time each other, connect online, and work together on their Mind Craft school project…without leaving home.

(Insert old lady voice) “Back in my day we ________________.”

UNOThe girls have rediscovered the card game UNO | And, they are driving-me-crazy wanting to play the game all-the-time. It usually ends in a fight. And, I play referee.

PHOTOBOMBSpeaking of times changing | I remember a time when Friday night was bar night. Last Friday night I chaperoned tweens at Jump City. Above: Alexandra and friends…Parker photobombing them in the background. Hi-larious! She doesn’t even know how funny she is.

Where I ask, “What the…?” | There is nothing like walking in the front door, after working all day and sitting in rush hour traffic, to strip off my boots and tights, only to walk into the kitchen to find a mess with sugar all-over-the-floor…and the stove…and the countertops! Which is now stuck to the bottom of my feet, between my toes. When asked, “Who did this?” Of course, there are three people in the house and nobody has a clue how the sugar got there. Upon further inspection, all the evidence pointed to Parker, age 7. Long story-short: She was bringing sugar AND flour (which I found in the carpet) to school so her friend could bake cupcakes. I have no words…

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